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I have been given a Geemarc Windsor telephone. (Info on box

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I have been given a Geemarc Windsor telephone. (Info on box states GBWINDSOR Mon 1. Issue 3 05/97) It is in it's original box and in mint condition having never been used. The handset is attached and the lead was still folded in wire. However, having plugged it into the phone line there is no dialing code sound. It does ring out and also rings when called. The person answering can hear to caller but the caller cannot hear anything. Also the Pulse/Tone button is stuck on Pulse and I cannot move it.
Assistant: Thank you. Can you provide any more details to help us find you the right Expert?
Customer: That's all the info I have I'm afraid. No dialing tone and the caller cannot hear the person speaking into the handset.

Good morning,

If your not hearing a dial tone, and you can hear the other party this would suggest a faulty speaker or faulty speaker wire.

The ringer uses a separate speaker, and hence why you can hear the phone ring, but not the dial tone or the other party.

With regard to the pulse\tone button being stuck, I would try some WD 40 to see if this will free up thee switch most likely the terminals have become corroded but should free up after a spray of WD40 if you wiggle the switch.

In terms of affecting a repair, you should be able to take it in to most electrical repair (TV, HiFi, Mobile Phone) stores, and they can check the connections to the speaker and repair\replace the speaker, the switch also not become freed up , they can also rewire the switch so that its permanently set to Tone dial.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.



Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you James
I will try the things you suggest and let you know the outcome.
Best regards

Hi Sheidan, just wanted to follow up to see how you got on with the suggestions above?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Good morning James,
I am taking the phone to a technician this morning as will let you know later now it goes.

Hi Sheidan, how did you get on with the technician?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Good afternoon James,
The technician was able to checkout the base unit and fix the Pulse/Tone button. However he was unable to open up the handset and check that. I can now get a dialing tone but it is intermittent. Do you know how the technician can open the handset please?
Thank you, Sheridan

Hi Sheridan,

Glad your have made some progress, it sounds like its a lose cable if the dial tone is intermittent.

Thee handset is clipped all around, if he wasnt able to open it with a fine blade, you will probably end up breaking it as the clips are rather brittle.

I would use a knife and see if you can wedge it in between the crease in the plastic where the cable enters the bottom of the handset.



Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello James
My technician was also afraid of breaking the handset hence he didn't pursue with that any further. I will tell him about your suggestion but will not know see him until tomorrow and will report back than.
I don't suppose that you would know of a place where I can buy a new Windsor handset with sprung cord by any chance?
Best regards

Hi Sheridan,

The parts are obsolete, your best bet is looking on ebay etc, as this one here was sold not long ago, so they are still going for sale.


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Evening James
I discussed your answer regarding the handset with my tech and we decided that in the event it might break, and we may not be able to find a replacement we are leaving it as is. The phone appears to now be working properly so am leaving well alone!!!! I will be looking on ebay etc just in case I see another one for sale and will pounce.
Many thanks for your assistance with this.
Very best regards