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Dr. David
Dr. David, Doctor (MD)
Category: Oncology
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Experience:  Board Certified Oncologist
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hello my mom lives in the philipines she needs goiter thyroid

Customer Question

hello my mom lives in the philipines she needs goiter thyroid operation can you give me a idea off cost please over there
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Oncology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 4 years ago.
This is Dr. David

I'm sorry for your mother's diagnosis.

thyroid gloiter operations can vary in cost depending on which surgeon does the surgery, how much the anesthesia doctor charges and which hospital the surgery is done

has your mom consulted a surgeon yet there in the Philippines?

is she a resident there? does she have national health insurance covering her?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hello yes she has had consultation not sure about heath insurance maybe not iff you can just give me a figure approx that woud be very helpfull did give me a figure but seem a very lot to me ..

many thanks


Expert:  Dr. David replied 4 years ago.
I could not give you a figure more accurate that the figure that your mom gave to you.

have her check into her insurance coverage.

she might be able to get the surgery cheaper at another hospital or at a larger surgery center in a city in the Philippines.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes i need more information please than that as ive paid your fee thye quote she says was 50.000 pecos does that sound right to you


Expert:  Dr. David replied 4 years ago.
that sounds high.

here is a story about a Fillipino woman who needs goiter surgery and needs 20,000 p for it