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Doctor Natasha
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Category: Oncology
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Experience:  Emergency Medicine Physician. Specialized in oncological emergencies
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I have a lump under my bottom eye lid... was said to be just

Customer Question

I have a lump under my bottom eye lid... was said to be just a stye. When I put warm compresses on it the lump shrinks but then within a day or so returns to full size. This has been like this for 4 months. I also get twitchy eye on my left eye which has been like that for 8 months and as I am aware this is down to vitamin deficency which I take supplements for. I have notice above my eyebrow that it feels like a lump/spot/boil type thing which I noticed just now.... Does this sound sinister? I am 27 

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Oncology
Expert:  Doctor Natasha replied 4 years ago.

Dr. Cameron :

have you seen an eye doctor yet?

JACUSTOMER-leis6ggo- : No
Dr. Cameron : Well if you have a recurrent stye you need to see an eye doctor
Dr. Cameron : they may need to surgically remove it
Dr. Cameron : It is not uncommon to have a twitchy eyelid. It is called blepharospasm and is usually from stress or being tired
Dr. Cameron : and the other boil is just that. These are not interconnected
Dr. Cameron : Did you get that?
Dr. Cameron : Hello