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Hi my partner has thyroid cancer and is 34 of age

Customer Question

Hi my partner has thyroid cancer and is 34 of age second time the first time he paid privately this time we are 6k short for his treatment and had to be put on nhs he lives in Glasgow he has not had any treatment as he needs chemo ASAP he's been waiting for his treatment at southern hospital for 4 wks today he actualy broke down as southern did not detect that his lump has got bigger we are Asian and his family don't no I've spoken to charities no one can help us I don't no what to do I can't even sleep at night he deserves to live a happy healthy live why wait for treatment do you who I can get in touch with to speed up the process my partner lives in Glasgow the private hospital wanted all the money upfront but we are short of 6k we have tried our creditors we have maxed out everything as our treaent gona cost £34500 I want him to get his treatment ASAP can you give me contacts even the health commissioner I have emailed too he's waited 4 wks the cancer can spread too fast I need help ASAP and contacts he at southern general in Glasgow please help us to get him I to treatment ASAP talked with mcmillian nurses tried everything they said and got no where we r desperate now plz help us he had the iodine injections ova 2 months bak killed some cancer cells but not all As they are dufficult to kil he needs chemo imwNt the best treatment for him please help is could you please email ASAP as this is very urgent***@******.*** thanku

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Oncology