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Dr. David
Dr. David, Doctor (MD)
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I typed my last question to doctor david as he had said I

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I typed my last question to doctor david as he had said I could do it under oncology it didn't take minutes that you said and it didn't take either the 8 mnutes on your estimate. in fact it has been over an hour and I haven't ha d response just says connecting
you with an expert. also within our written conversations doctor david asked if I would like a live chat . I accepted the offer at 2 a.m. and the money was taken but no live chat happened? no numbe rgiven or anyhtig. please give me an answer to my question.
This is Dr. David
you posted your questions when I was asleep last night. I do have to sleep at night time.
we have a time difference from the UK to the east coast of the USA.
I have given you my phone number before.
you are not dying
you have to see your doctor about your excessive anxiety symptoms and see a therapist to talk about your worries over death.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i do tie up being ill for 9 years with not seeing the doctor when I felt faint because I should have done. all the doctors here say that most people go to the doctor when they feel faint. I was always so careful about my health until then. if I had gone he proabaly would have monitored my heart and done tests. an di would be okay today. I don't think I ma juts suffering from anxiety when i was at a really happy stage of my life. I have taken up your tim ewhen I know I must be dying. even my physiarist said to me yesterday that he didn't know what was wrong with me. I thought the system would say that you were off line when you were asleep.yesterday.
I am glad you are seeing a psychiatrist.
you should continue to see your psychiatrist regularly
you are not dying.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I really don't know how you can tell I am not dyin g. I took in what you said before about being a medical doctor and your other points. but don't you think I should have seen the doctor whne I was feeling faint? it seems common sense now and i don't know why when I wa s a regular at the surgery that I didn't go for that.all the doctors here say it was so importan thtta I should have done and I beta myself up because I was always until then going for every aliment. I understand what you say about the fear of death as that has always been with me.sinc ei was 13 and witnessed my dad's death and had to write a report for the coroner. I was so very determined that I wouldn't die young like my dad. that I would go to the doctor for every aliment and then I missed a really important one. I should never have believed the deputy head that I would be okay if I walked in the fresh air. surely you would advise someone to go ? I know if any of my other staff had known that I was feeling faint they would have advised me to go. the staff here say that htye thought everyone should have known to go to the doctor if thye feel faint. I fel really stupid an dfeel I have let my boys don. for 9 years I have felt unwell. I wasn't ther eto help my daughter in law with her first aby like my mum helped me and I wasn't feeling well enough to og over to look after kai while she had arrest after having the latest baby. I feel a total failure. you said you are glad I have a physiarist but he has been no help. he keeps changing his mind about what is wrong with me.and yesterday admitted he hadn't a clue and didn't know if I was dying.i actually emailed him this morning and told him I had lost confidence in him and didn't wish to be his patient anymore.that he le dmy family to believe that I was delusional... semantic delusional disorder but then decided I wasn't delusional because I didn't respond to the phycotic medication. then he said it was anxiety disorder . now he says it isn't that but unspecified neurotic disorder which could mean anything when I looked it up. he says everyone dies when I ask him if a am dying.. but the last thing I wanted was to die young like dad at 62.i wante dthe second stage of parenting where you help with your children's children. I can't believe that I didn't go to the doctor just because of what the deputy head said.i was such a regular patient ta the doctors so I would be fit and well. I wa sa very healthy woman unitl I felt faint a few times. I should have gone to see him and had some tests done. I am so angry with myself. I foun dout my brother's friend felt faint and saw the doctor and ahs to take blood thinning tablets. I bet I would have been sorted out with something I if I had gone. and I can't go back and put it right.
I might still have my headship if I had gone. I wish that I had. I wasn't feeling anxious when I felt faint quite the reverse I was very content and I have no way of knowing what the cause was. I did the wrong thing and I am amazed that that should happen to a health fanatic. there was no reason before that I shouldn't live into my 80's like others in the family. dad was the only one to die young.all my friend sare having their grandchildren to stay. I haven't been able to do that with kai and I am not even in my own home.i didn't see his first walking or any of his land marks. I have lost a good job that I was good at.i don't really have a life now... scared to do anything. the house are going to jersey for a short holiday but I am not going cos I don't believe I will make my 63rd birthday in September. how can ayone make such a major mistake a si did? my doctor said most people go to their doctor when they feel faint so he doesn't know what will happen to me. I am surrounded by negative thougts. I have lost my friends except for my old secretary who rings me most weeks. most people of my age die from something like cancer not because they didn't go to the doctor at the right time. I was such a hypondriac as I said to you before and can't believe I didn't go whatever the deputy head said. I feel I signed my own death warrant by not going. and getting the very thing I didn't want. you said it could be excessive anxiety but I have been treated for anxiety and am taking so many tablets. I spend my life wishing I could go back to 2006 which is pointless. I am so scared of dying that I don't sleep. if anyone can answer why I started saying silly things and behaving differently 9 years ago I would be delighted. most of the staff here believe I ma dying except one who believes I was ill because it was near my dad's age. he was actually 52 when he died. I had such plans for the rest of my life which I really believed would be a long one and all the vibes led me to believe that like I said no cancer cases in the family. no genetic heart attacks.attacks. one of the doctors at the practice told me in December that little time but didn't say why. when I w
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
my brother came with me to see him he said I must have misunderstood him in December. but my own gp says he doesn't know that not going to my gp when I felt faint would make a difference to my life expectancy or not. you are th eonly ositive one which is why I push you for a good reason. doctor David I am so scared of dying an dif it happens because I didn't do something I should have done for my health it is more horrific... if I could have been okay.
there is no point to dwell in the past of what might have happened 9 years ago and if seeing a doctor back then when you were feeling faint would have changed anything or not.
most likely it would not have changed anything
you have feared death for 9 years now.
and you still haven't died.
and you won't die now.
it is your anxiety which is out of control with worry over death.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
what about all I told you about the doctors reactions here and how they say I should have gone? you are right ti is pointless going over the past and what might have happened if I had seen the doctor when I was feeling faint but don't you think I would have had tests and been given aheart monitor to find out why I felt faint?that is proably what you would have done if I came to you feeling faint.i just wish my local doctors thought about it the same way you are. I have walked around saying I am dying for 9 years and I know I haven't died yet but that doesn't follow that I won't according to the doctors here. in cancer cases that you deal with don't they sometimes get as long as 9 years. I know my case is different. I push you don't I?but I so much want to think you are the right one . I have so much negativity here from my own children too.i have had only one christmas away from here on kai' s second birthday when my son thought I was talking less about dying.i think part of my problem I is guilt that I don't think I did the right thing.but after having those few episodes it didn't reoccur and I think it would have done if something serious was going on. but I can't explain the 9 years of feeling so unwell.and booking theatre tickets and then not going in case I die, sometimes i have gone.losing my job was awfuland then my partner who now has 4 grandchildren and enjoying them. I feel I haven't enjoyed kai because I have rarely seen him.oyu are right that I have excessive anxiety but I think that is because I am convinced I ma dying... the worse thing that can happen to anyone. and it is my fault. you make it sound simple. I am not dying.but I wish I got that reaction from local doctors, physiarist and others. no wonder I feel insecure.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
are you fed up with me by now?
there is no point in dwelling in the past
you continue to dwell in the past
this is a manifestation of your excessive anxiety symptoms.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
you are right of course nothing is achieved by dwelling on the past. but what do you make of the doctors and phyhiastrist ( god I can never spell it!!) who are so negative about my hopes for the future because I didn't go?
I am not negative about your future because you didn't go
it makes no sense to say your current health is bad because you didn't go see a doctor 9 years ago because you felt faint.
this is your anxiety dwelling in the past
you are not dying.
you have to see a doctor now and psychiatrist now to continue your therapy for your anxiety.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
it was 15 years ago that I felt faint. then I ha d6or7 years of enjoying life and only going to the doctor about my blood pressure then 9 years ago I got ill and the doctors here thin I got ill because of the fainting episode not being dealt with. I can't continue to see my psychiatrist now a si ahev told him I don't wan tto be his patient any more because of several reasons that I may be ill e..g delusional disorder he now says he doesn't know what is wrong with me. and doesn't know if I am dying soon. I told him I have lost confidence in him. he just prescribes venelaxine and diazapan for me. my son use dto come to the meeting swith him but said it was a waste of time with me saying am I dying and him saying everyone dies.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I wish you were my doctor.
I don't care what the other doctors here think.
the fainting episodes 15 years ago didn't cause your current mental issues.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I wish I knew what did then! you are sure it is mental problems?not physical because of my non attemdance at the doctor. do you think I had some sort of mental break down 9 years ago?
I don't know what happened to you 9 years ago
I wasn't there.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
you mentioned somehting about physo therapy in an earlier mail. would that be better than the counsellor who didn't achieve anything. and what does it involve? aren't you horrified that the psychiatrist said he didn't know what was wrong with me and whethe ri was dying
yes, you should be seeing a psychiatrist or psychotherapist.
your GP doctor can refer you to see one.
you are not dying. I have told you this already.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
okay. thank you. I thin I have finished now just on ecomment if you as you say don't know what happened 9 years ago how can you decide now that I am not dying. I ask because I have been quoting your word sto the staff here and my son.
you would have died already if you were dying.
Dr. David and other Oncology Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thank you for your time and patience with me.