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When i wake pu my arms ache down to my elbow an dmy upper

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when i wake pu my arms ache down to my elbow an dmy upper back too. forgot to tell you that.jean
This is Dr. David
you could have some mild arthritis and inflammation of your upper spine pinching on nerves which lead to your arms which can cause the ache in your upper arms.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have just written an answer and have lost it when I went back to seei saw again you response so here we go againI saw my doctor yesterday and he still said that I have little time and it doesn't matter how long ago it was that I became ill. every medical person here is saying the same thing that I should have gone to the doctor when I felt faint and because I didn't I am dying now. you are the exception. I know you are intelligent and a good doctor which is why I rate dyou five stars . I promised myself that I wouldn't die young like my dad and as someone els esaid to me I have let myself down that everyone knows you should go to the doctor if you feel faint, up until I felt fain t I was always so good at going and love drunnin gmy school and happy with my boys. all I had to do was pick up the phone in my office and say I have been feeling faint. I failed. I know you say I continue to dwell in the past but it has such bad repercussions for me. I loved life and am scared of dying. I know that you said in all your replies that I am not dying and even that you promised I was not dying, but the medics here all say that the time of 9 years doesn't make a difference.i didn't go to the doctor and I am dying. I did every thing in my power for this not to happen and then missed a vital time to see the doctor and I don't know why I believed the deputy head that I would be okay in the fresh air. it was silly of me. I would proabably still be runnin gmy school if I had gone and had my wonderful life you know I have been scare dof dying since I was 13 and never thought I would be in this position so young. and it is MY FAULT and that is what hurt sso much ... that it could have been prevented by a simple visit to the doctor when I was so used to making them. the social worker came in and said it is incongruent that you are dying and you are smiling.he said if you can't avoid it embrace it. you see you are the only one who sees me as not dying. they have all my test results and my history which is an advantage for them.but my ecg was fine and the blood tests were all okay except the liver. I don't even know exactly what I am dying of.i just know they all say I am and I am so angry because I could have been alright. everyone I have spoken to who has felt faint has gone to the doctor and one was given blood htinnin gtablets, even if there was a problem with my heart at that stage there are things they can do. like some one said to me in the pub recently when I actually went out I have heart problem s but I am not dying. I can't believe that I didn't do the right thing. a friend's daughter felt faint recently and they put a heart monitor on her. they may have done that with me.i am sure from what they are all saying that I wouldn't be dying if I had seen the doctor when I was faint. oyu are right I can't go back or dwell on the past but it seems like I have no future and I ma so very scared. oyu were right about perhaps some inflammation of my upper spine. years ago I use d to go to a chiropractor for my upper spine. I just want to go back in time and I can't.i fi hadn't done th ewrong thing I could have ah danothe r20 or 30 years ahead of me. as I told you no cancer or heart cases in the family. other than dad everyone living in to their 80's or 90's.
you need more treatments for your anxiety and fear of dying.
this can be treated and you can feel better with less fear of dying
you are not dying
you have excessive anxiety symptoms.
you are 62 years old
you do have many more years ahead of you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have been treated with lots of different anti anxiety tablets. and tried counselling which didn't work. the physiarist says to stop wasting my money it won't stop me dying. what about everyone here believing I am dying?cos I did the wrong thing. people die at 62 and younger. I just wish that I had popped along to the doctor when I felt faint. trouble is I feel that I am dying too because I did the wrong thing. and why did I get suddenly ill and saying silly things and saying I was dying 9 years ago? I know you weren't there.but I acted strangely and even the mental hospital didn't know what was wrong with me. gave me ect's as a trial.i wish I had the confidence that I had before. I never used to think I was dying soon. back then I was a really happy soul . I should have gone when I was faint shouldn't I ? why are you the only one who thinks I have years ahead of me?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I wasn't feeling anxious when I felt faint. I was at a happy period in my life.i regret so much not going when I was faint then I would still be happy and secure i have spent the last 9 years in mental hospitals and then in this supported living house for five years. it is a night mare.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
not 9 years in mental hospitals. 4 and then 5 here
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I know I am only 62 that is what is so hard to vassos trated me for delusional disorder and when he changed his mind and said it was anxiety disorder I had acocktail of drugs and counselling. nothing worked. then he said it was unspecified neurotic disorder. which could mean anything? I respect you but you are going against all the opinions here.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i want you to be the right one.
"5 years here"
where are you staying now?
your anxiety symptoms sound severe
in some cases, the medication can only slightly decrease your anxiety symptoms
nothing will get rid of all anxiety for you.
I know you are not dying
it is your mind making you think you are dying.
that is not dying.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i am in a supported living accommodation the other people here hear voices or believe there is cynadinein th eair or have ahd troubled pasts. all have poor backgrounds... not meaning that unkindly like one woman had her children taken away from her because she couldn't cope.
how can i retrain my mind then? you are right that the anti anxiety tablets don't do anything although the staff think that they don't comment on all the opinions here even from the social worker who said she wouldn't be smiling if she was dying like me. do you think i am a total fool for not seeing the doctor back then? yes my anxiety symptons are servere because everyone acts like i am dying. the house go out on activites and i don't go because i am scared of dying in public. if it is just my mind why? i was so happy for 7 years after the fainting episode and can't think why i suddenly became like that.
you are not a fool for not seeing the doctors back then.
seeing the doctors or not back then most likely would not made much of a difference
you would still have suffered from this mental issue you are suffering from today.
this worry about seeing doctors back then is a manifestation of your excessive anxiety coming from your mind.
your fear of dying is a manifestation of the excessive anxiety coming from your mind.
we don't know why some people have excessive anxiety.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
why can't my own physiarist be positive about my future? he says he has tried everything and nothing works. my own children have written me off. so we don't know why it suddenly happened 9 years ago. you say it most likely wouldn't have made any difference not going to the doctor but it would have done if i had a heart problem or something? i ma honestly taking in all that you are saying but i can't get rid of this fear that i am dying soon from what is said to me here. you make no comment on the medical opinions here that i am dying because i didn't go. one doctor said that as people usually go to the doctor when they feel faint she didn't know what would happen to me. they are all so negative. you are the only one to give me any hope.
you don't have a heart problem now.
why would you have a heart problem back then?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i see what you mean but that was just an example. whatever i had back then that was causing me to feel faint a few times was never found out because unlike you i feel that i was a fool for not going.
anxiety disorder can cause dizziness and feeling faint.
you have never felt faint again in the last 7 years?
you have never felt dizzy in the last 7 years?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i feel like someone who finds a lump and doesn't go to the doctor intil it is too late. i should have had it checke dout and at least then i would have felt secure that i haven't got this illness because of that. no i only had that one episode of feeling faint 15 years ago. i have never felt faint since or dizzy. i actually wasn't feeling anxious when i felt faint those few times. i was very happy.
dizziness and feeling faint would not have caused you to have this mental disorder. I have told you this before.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i was only answering your questions.
me too
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