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Dr. David
Dr. David, Doctor (MD)
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Dear Doctor David it will feel strange when I am

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Dear Doctor David it will feel strange for you when I am satisfied that I have asked you everything and don't mail you each night!i wanted to tell you that the physarist admitted me to hospital five weeks ago for an infection to give me anti biotics in worried me because they said if I was dying they would start admitting me to hospital. I had a uti or is this normal practice efor such an infection. I have had them twice before.but not been in hospital. They usually check if I have one if I have
what they call a relapse where I do unusual getting my things togther and standing by the door for an hour. alo I don't kn ow if I told you that my current symptons are getting very sweaty. my bed can be dripping in the morning which does not feel
normal. I also gte a general feeling of not being well. I also kep dwelling on the past and how I should have gone. my younest son rang today and said eh cried when he left me last itme because it was just after doctor hassin has said I ha dlittle time. I
hate to think of him being with out his mum because of a medical mistake I made and I hadn't got cancer or anything so would be dying unneccearly if a non visit to the doctor which I wa snormallty so good at going was the cause and I die young like my dad.
my worse nightmare. at 62 people normally die of cancer not because they didn't see the doctor and it is too late to put that right. I know you will say it is in my min dbut no on eyourself included knows why I stRTED SAYING SILLY THINGS AND BELIEVEING I WAS
DYING FOR TEN YEARS. I was lookin gthrough my old answers before I met you and kept to you and doctor love had said that being ill now could be because I didn't go when I was faint.thta I needed certain tests which he went through but I ha dhad all of them
from aprivate doctor and thye were fine. I didn't have th emor esophisicated heart one but ha dan ecg. he said if we were having the discussion then he would have strongly advised me to go. but he also said at a later stage that nothing fatal can keep clear
for 7 years and then give you 9 years worth. his feelings are like the doctors here who think I have problems now believing I am going to die any minute because of not going to the doctor .sadly they ... well two of them and my physiarist think it will cause
me to die. I can't believe I got myself in to such a mess when I usually went to the doctor at the drop of a hat, one of the staff here said to me that she thought everyone knew to go to the doctor if they were faint.they say 62 is quite old so okay to die.
I say it isn't old especially by today's standards with modern medicine. but I ma not going to die am I? I I didn't even go to my son's wedding cos I was sur ethta I would die on the plane. I asked doctor vassos if I could go across and help with my grandson
cos of the ne wbaby. he said yes but oyu proably won't feel well enough. it is one thing going across to read stories to him but a whole day is different. actually my son took tim eoff work so she was okay, I have this fear that I won't see them grow up.up
and I have felt this sinc ekai was born, I spend my time wishing I ha dseen the doctor simon says well us eit in a more productive way. I used to be an avid reader but have books here that I haven't opened by favourite authors. the boys say I have changed
beyond recognition. and som etime sthye get aglimpse of the old mum. I used to be strong and capable not going around worrying about dying.i ran my school well and miss it. I still believe if I had used my common sens eand seen the doctor that I would have
still be runnin git and have my partner. I do feel afool whatever you say that I amnot. you are being kind. I have spolit my children's live sby being so weak and scared to go out. I went to the local pub for lunch today and the staff said if you die there
the staff will treat you with dignity. I am to young to die. I once got the train to Portsmouth when I thought I was okay had to get doctor vassos permission of course. it wa sthe first time I had been on atrain fro 8 years. it was lovely to have a day with
Richard and eat at Jamie oliver's restaurant and feel normal. but it hasn't happened since.i feel so messe dup and scare dby what the doctors here say. they are right that I should have gone but can they possibly tell that I am dying when I have good test
resultsand it is too late now for me to put not going right. I don't like my boys worrying about me so much. we used to have such a good relationship and rapport. Jean
This is Dr. David
there is no way you could be dying for 10 years
you are not dying
your have a mental illness worsening your anxiety causing you to worry about these things.
Dr. David and other Oncology Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
01752 213811 ask for jean
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
sorry 01753 642304
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
someone will answer comfort care services
I will try to call you today.