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1.5 years ago I saw a Breast Surgeon due to a very very

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1.5 years ago I saw a Breast Surgeon due to a very very small area of breast tissue that felt different from the rest. It was in between two lobules and it was very close to the surface of the breast, you could feel it just under the skin. I had an ultrasound
and biopsy which came back inconclusive because it was so small. So they decided to just remove it all under a local anaesthetic. When the surgeon was cutting it out she said it was difficult to get it all as the local anaesthetic had swollen up the lobules
it was inbetween making it difficult to see. The results came back as inflammation & fibrous tissue. A few months after the surgery once all the tissue had calmed down I felt the area again and could feel there was still a small bit of the tissue left there,
the surgeon hadn't taken it all out but I was satisfied that all was ok. Now I am 3 month pregnant and after doing my usual monthly breast check I can feel that fibrous piece of left over tissue is more prominent again. It's still tiny but a bit more noticeable.
I just wondered a few things: is it normal for fibrous tissue to grow? Could pregnancy have swollen up the breast tissue and pushed this fibrous area to the surface so it is more noticeable? Does this sound like something that needs full investigation again?
This is Dr. David
yes, it is normal for fibrous and breast glandular tissue to grow when you are pregnant.
during pregnancy, your estrogen levels jump up sky high.
this causes your whole breast to enlarge and the glands and fibrous tissue in your breast to get larger. everything in your breast gets larger.
you have already had surgery in the area
no cancer is seen
you don't need additional workup of the area.
it sounds all completely normal and benign to me
let me know if you have other questions.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you so much!!