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I have had low level nasal cancer surgery and the nose was

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I have had low level nasal cancer surgery and the nose was electro cauterized, this didn't work and another medication was used to stop the bleeding.
What are the reasons for the cauterization not working? I do suffer from white coat syndrome and my blood pressure was 150/88could this be a reason? I have been told no! By a nurse. My normal blood pressure is average 128/84
This is Dr. David
what do you mean by low level nasal cancer surgery?
if the cancer was not completely cut out, if there is cancer still left behind, this can cause bleeding.
a biopsy is needed to see if there is still cancer left behind if the area is not healing properly.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No my basil carcinoma lesion is clear i was wondering why the cauterisation to stop the bleeding at the time didnt work as with other people it seems to have worked and the surgeon told me to get my blood pressure checked, i am interested as my blood pressure is normally fine! I am fine otherwise.
increased pain and anxiety can cause your blood pressure to go up.
sometimes cautherization will work to help stop bleeding, sometimes it won't work. it can be hard to predict
that is good your basal cell cancer is clear. basal cell cancer often will cause bleeding.
if the bleeding has stopped now, then I would not stress about it
if the area has healed up well now, then that is a sign there is no basal cell cancer.
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