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Smoked 25 cigarettes per day years between ages of 17

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Smoked 25 cigarettes per day for 18 years between ages of 17 to 35 years old.Stopped between 35-36 years old for 10 months whilst pregnant.Started again at 36 in 2009. Soon after coughed up blood. Had cxr, chest ct and bronchoscopy. All clear.Started smoking again in 2010: roughly 10/15 per day.Jan 2013: coughed blood.May 2013 had cxr, chest ct and bronchoscopy. All clear.Started social smoking Dec 2013 to present. Approx. 5 cigarettes per weekend.I have also noted sponginess in my right index finger nail. The end of the finger looks bigger than the left one.Query:
What is the probability that this be lung cancer?
Could the nail sponginess be stage 1 clubbing process?
What should i do? I dont want more cxr or ct done?Serious specialist advice only. Please help!!
This is Dr. David
chances are one in 1,000,000 that you have lung cancer now.
nail sponginess is not a sign of clubbing.
you should stop smoking.
you should exercise and eat healthy to heal your lungs.
if you have bad anxiety symptoms, you should talk to your doctor about treatment and medications which can help decrease your anxiety.
we don't see patients at age 43 that have lung cancer. that is very rare.
more likely sinus issues causing blood in your sputum
let me know if you have questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Saw GP today. Said unlikely to have LC.Noted sponginess on nail, but said she wouldnt consider it to be early clubbing at all.Said if someone came in with my symptoms she would recommend cxr as per guidelines but feels i dont need one. More for my reassurance.However as i explained to her, it wasnt like that before.I did close my finger tip in door frame about 2/3 weeks ago. There is a slight dent in nail from the impact but i cant imagine that causing sponginess.Dont know what to do regarding cxr. Dont want one if not really necessary but also dont want to not have one incase there is something.
you don't need a chest xray.
you don't have lung cancer.
you need to stop worrying about your finger.
you need to quit smoking.
if you have bad anxiety symptoms, you need to see a psychotherapist about your anxiety and worry symptoms.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks Dr David.
Nutribullet smoothie maker being bought tomorrow to kick start healthy lifestyle chapter.
Many thanks.