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Dr. David
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I became hyperthyroid in Australia were I was sexually assaulted and I had a hysteri

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hello I became hyperthyroid in Australia were I was sexually assaulted and I had a hysterical reaction to this whilst travelling on my own; I noticed a constant elevation of my pulse from 80 beats a minute to 125 beats a minute plus I lost my libido completely and twenty years down the line at 50 pushing on 51 my libido neve came back and considering I was a slim 10 and half stone irgin up to 31 years old I have not been able to find a man who wants me with my problem or hv the children I would like to h had and frequently feel suicidal as I neer smoked and had a real healthy body but always had ocd thinking about anyting that traumatized me or upset me; is jumpy thinking part of thyroid disease because ive had it since I was a child and it is very unpleasant and hard to control expecially when I don't sleep well ; I wish I could go to America and get an egg stimulated and hv a donor baby as I did a lot of good in my life and am an honest person; ie put on double the weight since the d
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Oncology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
This is Dr. David
you need to see a doctor to get your thyroid hormone levels checked
you might need higher doses of seroquel. 25mg twice a day is a starting dose
it sounds like you still have symptoms that higher doses of seroquel might help with
do you see a doctor or psychiatrist regularly?