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Dr. David
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My wife just had a birthmark removed, that will be sent of .

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My wife just had a birthmark removed, that will be sent of for testing. I am extremely worried now.
This is Dr. Davidsounds like she had a mole removed and you are worried about melanoma or skin cancer.when does she get her results back?what questions do you have for me? do you have a photo of the mole before it was removed?
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The sound started cracking up on the phone, but yes, I am on medication for my anxiety.
iInterpreted the things you said about the mole as it being highly unlikely to be anything dangerous.
The mole discovered by the doctor was not suspicious from the outside, but just in the dermathoscope.
She took it out with a 6mm diameter thing. Does that tell you any more?
it tells me that the chances of her having a melanoma cancer are very low, 1% or lessthe chances of her having metastatic terminal melanoma are very very very very lowyou need to stop worrying about thisthere is nothing you can do nowyou have to wait 3 weeks to get the results don't have to worryyour wife will be fineif you continue to worry, you may benefit from speaking with a psychotherapist weekly about excessive anxiety symptomsyou might need to take higher doses of anti-anxiety medications to help your anxiety symptoms.