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About 5 weeks ago I noticed that when I got up in the

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About 5 weeks ago I noticed that when I got up in the morning the hearing in right ear felt funny - like I was in a swimming pool, as the morning progressed it would go away. I ahdn't had a cold and I don't suffer with Hayfever. I did remark to my colleagues at school though that my hearing did feel a little funny. At about the same time I was woken up one night with chronic tooth ache on my left side and so booked to see my dentist.( Something similar had happened a year before on my right side, after an x-ray was taken my dentistsaid that my teeth were fine but i had an infection, probably in my sinus and he gave me antibiotics and the pains went away)The pain did not come back and the dentist took an x-ray. He then called me 2 days later to say that he would like to see me to discuss what he had found on the X-Ray. I couldn't get to see him as we were going on holiday. Whilst on holiday, 3 weeks ago now, my hearing got a lost worse - there was a constant pressure in my left ear, my haering was really impaired and everything sounded like I was underwater. I went to a local doctor, who prescribed me eardrops and said as I had been in the sea I had probably got a bit of an infection. The drops did nothing to allevaite the symptomns. I went to my local dr when I got home and she said I have a Eustaionary Tube Infection and that there was nothing to give me but that it would go away eventually. Later I returned to the dentist, who told me that he had found soft tissue in my left sinus and he wanted to take a full x-ray of my head, which he is sending to the hospital. My local doctor refuses at the moment to believe that there is any link between the possible tuma in my sinus and my ear problems and i am left waiting for the hospital to contact me....6 to 8 weeks I have been quoted.

This is Dr. David

I am wondering how your dentist found something in your sinuses? did he feel your sinuses? how does your dentist look into your sinuses?

if you have a mass in your sinuses, you need to see an ENT ear nose throat doctor and get a CT scan of your sinuses to look inside

xrays of your teeth is not enough to look into your sinuses

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
He took an X-Ray of my left side jaw initially and found "soft tissue" in the sinus...that's what he said. He said he had to take another x-Ray - this time of my whole head and he was going to send that off to the hospital. If I did have a "mass" in my sinus could it then lead onto secondary symptoms ie....lack of hearing, ear pressure etc like i have described?

yes, a mass in your sinuses can cause hearing issues and hearing symptoms and ear pain.

you need to have the area better imaged with a CT or MRI scan

you will need to get a biopsy of the mass as soon as possible

and to see an ENT doctor as soon as possible

let me know if you have other questions.

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