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Category: Orthopaedics
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My back is hurting right next to my left shoulder blade beside

Customer Question

My back is hurting right next to my left shoulder blade beside the spine. It hurts when I twist to the left and in certain positions. I am a 16 year old Male. I think I caused the trouble when lifting a weight raising it up with my left hand (Lateral raise)
I have stopped any exercise for the last 3 weeks but still no change.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Orthopaedics
Expert:  Ken replied 4 years ago.

Are there any associated symptoms like weakness, tingling or numbness at the left upper limb? Were any investigations done to see for the cause?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



I have no weakness, tingling or numbness. I felt the pain when i was carrying a basket and held it out which is the same position i would have held the weight.

Expert:  Ken replied 4 years ago.

I am sorry for the delay, I was in an emergency.

No weakness or any symptoms at the upper limb relieves me. It rules out pinching of the nerve at the spine level, which may be seen with jerk at the back.

Pain in your case is likely due to sprain or minimal tear at the muscles of the back. Warm compress/ Motrin and rest should give you relief. BUT as there is no change for 3 weeks if I were you I would get MRI for the dorsal spine to look for any disc bulge/ muscle hematoma or tear.

Wish you well.

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