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I have suffered with tennis elbow in my right arm for the last

Customer Question

I have suffered with tennis elbow in my right arm for the last 3 years which grew more and more painful. The GP I was referred to is also an osteopath; he was undertaking manipulation on my arm every 6 weeks which did nothing to ease my pain or symptoms. He also gave me 2 steroid injections in my elbow and 3 in my forefinger which constantly swells also but could not recommend any other treatment and said surgery was not the answer and I had to just put up with the pain. During one of the treatments, he had my arm outstretched and cracked it across his leg, he said this was to reposition it as I wasn’t able to rotate my arm as far as it should go.

Following this manoeuvre my bone in my right forearm (radius close to the elbow joint) is constantly ‘catching/clicking’ every time I bend it and I have to ‘click/pop’ it out before I can straighten my arm as the bone is locked. This is extremely painful and has been ongoing for 5 months. The various GPs at the surgery have been ignoring me about this clicking problem and are generally clueless as to what to do about this or the problem with my arm. I requested to have a private consultation with an Orthopaedic surgeon in March which I paid for. The surgeon immediately said it was not a classic case of tennis elbow and said I needed to have MRI scans of my neck, spine, elbow and lumbar spine and also blood tests. She also advised that I needed to be referred to a rheumatologist for further investigation. She wrote to my GP to recommend the above.

I have since had the MRI scans and blood tests. The blood tests showed a positive ANA and I was then sent for another blood test for Dsdna which show normal levels.

I told the GP that referred for the tests about the terrible pain I have with the clicking/popping problem but she said to wait to see the rheumatologist. As my appointment is not until May, I tried to get another appointment with any GP as the pain of the clicking/popping is unbearable and I can hardly move my arm without excruciating pain at times. The 2 GPs I have spoken to about this problem have just ignored it! The GP I spoke to on the phone told me to simply take Ibuprofen and paracetamol for the pain and wait to see the rheumatologist.

I am in excruciating pain all the time, my right arm is very weak and I can barely move it without increasing the pain. I cannot wait to see the rheumatologist and do not know what my options are. I am happy to wait to see the rheumatologist to discuss my tennis elbow, scans and blood tests but cannot wait until May for treatment of the clicking/popping problem due to the pain and the fact I know it is fuelling the inflammation. I do not know why the bone is clicking/popping since the procedure carried out by the GP but I need this to be fixed. I am worried that it is either dislocated or something but the GPs do not seem to be interested or know what to do to fix it.

Please advise what you think is causing this clicking/popping of the bone.
What can be done to fix this specific problem?
Who do I need to see?

I cannot wait until my appointment with the Rheumatologist in May so my questions are specific to now rather than later.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Orthopaedics
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