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i am due to in f surgery on tuesday for 1/2 knee replacement

Customer Question

i am due to in f surgery on tuesday for 1/2 knee replacement which could perhaps end up as full but will not be known until knee is opened. my surgeon was not there to meet last week so seen his registraer who i found to be unhelpful all he did was throw figures at me and all the negative aspects which i understand needs to be done. he throw the bmi at me stating it was high at 38 and if i lived elsewhere in city it would get done. he has put so many doubts in my head about the dangers. my problems is the knee due for op has been fine for past 4 weeks or so but the other one is exteremely. i am now wondering if i am going into this to quickly and have been reading up on it. wondered about stem cell treatment - can this be done through NHS or can you suggest any other alternatives. i presently take 3 dicoflex, 6-8 parcetomol and one stomach tablet. i also understand that you usually have to continue taking meds after the recovery meds. so feel i will be in same situation of continuing taking these. worried about it not knee rejecting piece going in. also unsure if it is worth put self through this as unsure if there will limitations on this replacement i.e kneeling, general sysem being more to infection. will i have a life time of always being aware if it and having to maintain any speccial routine etc and visits to hospital. can you please give me input as i am on verge of cancelling as i feel maybe i not in frame of mind to take me through this or am i just being scared. if i go on tuesday will i get to speak to surgeon prior to op to clarify points.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Orthopaedics
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Expert:  Dr. David replied 3 years ago.
This is Dr. david

it sounds like you still have many many questions for your orthopedic surgeon to answer.

without being able to review your medical records, it would be hard for us to answer your questions online here.

what is best is to make another appointment with your orthopedic surgeon to get these questions answered before your surgery date

stem cell therapy is also called protein rich plasma injections into the knee.

usually this can help decrease inflammation in your knee slightly and help with healing, but if the damage in your knee is too severe, it will not give you a brand new knee.

your body will not reject the metal parts of your knee. they are stainless steel and will not be rejected.

can you make an appointment with your othopedic surgeon to ask these questions prior to the surgery?

or you can try to call him up on the phone to ask him questions
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 3 years ago.
PRP is platelet rich plasma, not protein rish plasma.

Some people call it stem cell but it is not, technically.

Other stem cell therapies are research therapies.

You can't get either paid through the NHS.

Orthopedists generally have used PRP only for helping to heal cartilage after a transplant, not to prevent a knee replacement, although rarely an orthodoc will use PRP for arthritis to try to improve the situation.

I am a clinician, internal medicine and integrative I cover such alternatives...

Use reply to let me know if you have further questions [click reply to expert].
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i have cancelled op which i was due to go in for yesterday. too many questions still in my head. i have decided to do the following:


lose weight

exercise more (though need to find the right type)

go to podiestrist and ask about new insoles for support as my gait is more to left side (this is knee i was to get op on)

speak to podiestrist about balancing body weight better

thinking of doing some reflexology to see if this helps

make sure i take meds prescribed properely

also looking at glucosomal tablets or some type of herbal remedy to see if they help

i have even looked at aelo therpy which at 3500.00 for special shoes is not an options but seemed interesting there for that is why i am going back to podistrist.


once i have exhausted all these avenues and if i dont find improvements then i will re-think knee op.


i just feel that at 54 yrs it is young to go through this with the prospects of having to do it all again in around 10-15yrs if i am still here.


is ther anything i am missing which you think may help.

Expert:  DrRussMD replied 3 years ago.
Yes this is the expert that told you the correct information on PRP
You can find a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor; these are MDs.
Many are now getting in to the PRP, or use a doctor that does it.
Also synvisc injections which have been shown to delay the time to knee replacement.

Please do a positive rating.
Come back as needed.