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tazechip, M.D.
Category: Orthopaedics
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Experience:  Board certified in trauma surgery and critical care medicine
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I pulled ligament in my foot ( three days ago ) what is the

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I pulled ligament in my foot ( three days ago ) what is the best remedies for rapid recovery
The foot was very swolen and Im not able to put weight on it
it seemed a bit better yesterday but the i had to take flight and now is has become much worse again
I did icing for 20 minutes every couple of hours and kept it elevated
should i continue this ? try and move it ? would i benifit from a physio visit
should i get crutches and try to keep weight off it ?
i am a personal trainer and need to get to work ! i would welcome your best advice
Hi. Sorry for the delay but I just got your question. The best thing to do would be to get examined and get an MRI of the foot and ankle to determine if this is a partial or full thickness tear of the ligament. For now I strongly suggest crutches and an ankle/foot immobilizer and elevation as much as possible. I wouldn't suggest any physio until you get the MRI
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