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TherapistJen, LCSW
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My daughter is 12 weeks old. She sleeps great at night but

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My daughter is 12 weeks old. She sleeps great at night but during day she naps for 45 mins 3 or 4 times a day.
Also I find she cries prior to most naps and only sleeps on me during the day

She is probably crying before most naps because she is tired. I would suggest moving her nap time up by a few minutes so you get her down before she is crying and maybe missing the window. This may also help with her sleeping longer. I would also suggest that you put her in her crib for all naps as well o that she gets used to sleeping on her own and not on you. Do the hard work now, because it will be easier later. If not, she could end up having lots of difficulties falling asleep on her own.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I've tried moving the nap times because I thought she maybe overtired but as soon as I bring her into the room and shut the curtains she'll start crying. It's as if she knows she is going to be put to sleep. During the day if I'm out. She will fall asleep on my shoulder if I pat her gently on back.
When I put her in crib, she wakes up immediately. I tried the drowsy but awake method but she just wakes up wide eyed. Any tips to get her to sleep? Shes great at night just not day times

She knows you are leaving so of course she feels that. If you can tolerate leaving her for a few minutes at a time and letting her cry, she might learn to soothe herself and fall asleep. If you go back in after a few minutes, do not pick her up, pat her back and simply say in a soft voice, it is time to sleep now and then leave the room again. Repeat this and she will get the hang of it. If you pick her up, she knows that if she cries, you will take her out.

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