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Dr. Gupta
Dr. Gupta, Doctor (MD)
Category: Parenting
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Experience:  Board Certified practicing Pediatrician experienced in common parenting issues.
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My son is 9.5. Could you please advice how I can deal with:

Customer Question

Hi,My son is 9.5. Could you please advice how I can deal with:
1- he complains of being bored most of the time. He doesnt have any electronic toys, smart phone use is controlled. He does have a lot of toys and watches cartoon
2- he is fussy eater even at 9.5 years old. He refuses to try new food or normal family meals.The problems also is that other sibling is copying the bad habit.Please advice on the above two, thanks
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  Dr. Gupta replied 2 years ago.
Have got discussed this with your pediatrician or a dietitian?
Warm regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
not yet
Expert:  Dr. Gupta replied 2 years ago.
Fussy eating is about a power game a lot of times. The real question isn’t that he won’t have normal family meals but that he is served other food. There are fun ways of getting kids to participate in buying groceries, prepping veggies, cooking, serving. These help kids grow close to food. Our job is to give them the right ATTITUDE towards food. That is is nurturing and nourishing. That each item they put in their mouth becomes their hair, skin, nail, muscle, eyesight and thoughts. Talking about farming, growing some food or spices at home etc can also help correct the approach to food. Remember not to get involved in the power game around food. This means being forthcoming with what’s for the meal, calmly serving it , making one small demand at a time and helping the child get over their poor food preferences. Read more here boredom and lethargy can come from poor eating habits.
Again what is important for what happens when they say they are bored. Does it become the parents’ responsibility to suggest entertaining activities? Being bored is normal, even necessary. That’s when the kid presses the pedal on their creative problem solving. To come up with ways to not be bored. Parents’ job is to help the child brainstorm all activities they like and enjoy. Then when they say they are bored, parent can remind them that they have plenty of interests. And also tell them the importance of being bored. But generally, be uninvolved. This is one problem you want your kid to solve themselves. And build mental skills while they do.
Hope this helps!
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