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I recently took my 5 month old baby to a family event where

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I recently took my 5 month old baby to a family event where unexpectedly a band was playing so unfortunately my baby was exposed to loud music. My baby didn't appear to be stressed by the music and at one point she actually fell asleep despite the music being played. I haven't noticed any changes in her behaviour since the event but I am now panicking that I may have caused damage to her ears. Would a one-off exposure to loud music cause damage to a 5 month old baby's hearing? Many thanks!

Pediatrician :

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Pediatrician :

I am Dr.R.K and I am pleased to assist you.

Pediatrician :

Are you available for chat?

Customer: Sorry - I seem to have missed you. Please let me know if you require additional information.
Pediatrician :

are you there?

Customer: Hi - yes
Pediatrician :

I went through your post

Pediatrician :

acoustic trauma can occur with one off exposure to loud music

Pediatrician :

But it need not always result in damage

Pediatrician :

Just observe your daughter

Customer: Are there symptoms of trauma that I should look for?
Pediatrician :

at 5 months of age she would have developed good head contro

Pediatrician :

if no damage has occured she should turn towards to the direction of sound

Pediatrician :

You can do this test and see if she is turning towards the direction of sound

Customer: That's good news as I tested her this morning and all seems to be good
Pediatrician :

Then there is no need to worry

Pediatrician :

her hearing is fine then

Pediatrician :

She might not have sustained any serious damage

Customer: Ok....great :)
Pediatrician :

you can test her hearing later once she grows up

Customer: many thanks for your help
Pediatrician :


Pediatrician :

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