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Dr. Y. Vasavada
Dr. Y. Vasavada, Pediatrician
Category: Paediatrics
Satisfied Customers: 3324
Experience:  M.D.(ped) passed at first attempt, in practice continuously for last 37 years. Certi. in Comp
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Hi I would very much appreciate an opinion. I have a 9 week

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Hi I would very much appreciate an opinion. I have a 9 week old baby. From 2 - 3 weeks I suspected hypothyroidism due to infrequent stooling, fatigue, long sleeping pattern, slept 6 to 7 hours at a stretch from 4 weeks, cold hands feet dry skin on shins, very little fingernail toenail growth. Toenails barely seemed erupted at birth and remain so.

My gp did not agree and I arranged a private thyroid test at 7 weeks. Results were tsh 3.55 ml/ul and ft4 11.55 pmol/l.

The gp is happy with the results not indicating need for further treatment as the ft4 is above the adult minimum of 9.5.

I have however found minimums of 12 - 13 pmol/l on various studies and consider this may warrant further investigation. Though obviously I do not wish to subject my baby to unnecessary testing or treatment the long term cognitive effects of thyroid dysfunction are something I would wish to save my child from if there is indeed an issue warranting treatment. There is a relatively strong history of unexplained very low iq on my fathers side of the family with two of his three siblings affected. His sister has three children with one child affected.

Baby seems developmentally normal. Social smile at 4 to 5 weeks. weight and length and head circumference all above 75 per entile. But sleepy and with the symptoms above.

Should I seek a private referral to an endocrinologist or leave the matter. I think my gp thinks I am worrying unnecessarily.

Dr. Yogindra Vasavada :

Hello,There is no need for further testing as tsh level is within normal range. Most labs mention the normal range along with observed values and these are to be followed.

Dr. Yogindra Vasavada :

If there is good weight gain, infrequent stool is not a problem with breast feeding. Please consult pediatric dermatologist for nail and skin changes.

Dr. Yogindra Vasavada :

First mile stone of social smile also rules out any mental subnormality

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