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Dr. Y. Vasavada
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My baby died of cot death at 12 weeks can the inquest and pathologist

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my baby died of cot death at 12 weeks can the inquest and pathologist give me results of cause of death and can they tell if it was caused by me having a bad pregnancy and pumped full of drugs to treat me ?
If baby was harmed by drugs taken during pregnancy, it could result in stillbirth. A live baby growing up to three months would not suddenly have any complication related to drug intake during pregnancy.
Most cases of such sudden deaths are unexplained even on autopsy.
Please remove any doubt about your drug intake being responsible.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

the post mortem has been done and the results have came back inconclusive now an inquest/investigation has been opened and they have taken from Oscar small bits of tissue from all major organs and doing a toxicology test . is this the case with all unexplained cot deaths ? y a toxicology test? The health vistor saw him the day he died said he looked well looked after and he was feeding very well that day and very happy , I went to the pub with family members for some thing to eat and had a couple of cokes and a beer and when I got home I had some wine . but I certainly was not drunk . he never liked sleeping in his moses basket so I layed in on his back in my arms there was no duvet as I didn't want him getting to hot. I feel I am to blame for his death because my sweat may have run on to him in the night and maybe caused the alcohol to get in his system ?? or am I being silly ? maybe I dnt know im just blaming my self and so so worried I am gonna be blamed by police that it was my fault , I also painted the hall way two days before maybe the fumes would of got to him ? I have all these doubts in my mind and have tried to kill myself too. cause I am so worried that the toxicology test will say it was my fault because I drank a couple of alcoholic drinks ? in a toxicology test or inquest can they find out what prescribed drugs were taken in pregnancy and if their is any one to blame? can they go back that far ? or will it just show the first 6 weeks jabs he was given at doctors all these questions are going throu my head and I cant take it any more. do I have to wait for the inquest to be over with to be able to see the post-mortem results by coroner ? or can I request to see that the post morteum results have indeed come bk as inconclusive I want to see all his medical notes and paper work am I legally allowed to do this at this stage ? I know they have said its inclusive and would have arrested me by now surely if they were suspicious that I caused the death ? I just keep thinking n thinking about it and cant grieve for my baby until all this is over and done with, by u helping me with these questions will put me at ease so thank u very much