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Dr. Leah
Dr. Leah, Board Certified Pediatrician
Category: Paediatrics
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My friends daughter is 9 years old and she s complaining

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Hi my friends daughter is 9 years old and she s complaining about a pain in Jr. Right breast. It is swallow a lot. Should we be concerned ?
Hello and thank you for your question. If I am understanding correctly, the 9 year old is having right breast area pain. Could you clarify what you mean by "it is swallow a lot?" The most common reason that a 9 year old girl would have pain or tenderness of only one breast would be the onset of a pubertal breast bud enlargement. It would feel like a "peanut-sized" movable lump just under the nipple that is tender to the touch. Typically, only one breast bud would be noticeable and the one of the other breast would develop the same symptoms within several months. It would be normal for her to develop this early sign of puberty at her age. There would be no concern of her beginning menstruation at her current age; this would begin about 2 years after the onset of breast bud formation. As long as she does not have redness, swelling or discharge from the nipple, a breast infection is unlikely. Such an occurrence would be extremely rare in a child. I hope this helps! If you have further questions, feel free to ask when you return online.
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