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Dr. Y. Vasavada
Dr. Y. Vasavada, Pediatrician
Category: Paediatrics
Satisfied Customers: 3654
Experience:  M.D.(ped) passed at first attempt, in practice continuously for last 37 years. Certi. in Comp
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My daughter has a fear of me (her Mum) leaving she was very

Customer Question

My daughter has a fear of me (her Mum) leaving she was very attached to me as a baby and had a lot of separation anxiety from when she was a baby the whole time (it didn’t come and go). Especially about me actually leaving. She was often fine if she didn’t see me go. She is four now and despite being well adjusted in other behaviours she still is very scared but any idea of me going somewhere etc. It means she still cried every morning at pre school and also gets scared about anything she thinks means leaving mummy. We have tried loads of the textbooks things like giving her a comforter, rewarding bravery, playing out the goodbye etc. But as she is four now I feel it is fairly deep set. She has a outgoing personality and I feel this is holding her back actually doing things she would love to do. Also she needs to go to big school in September and I am concerned that this is going to be a big issue for her.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Paediatrics
Expert:  Dr. Y. Vasavada replied 9 months ago.
Sorry about this but now to prepare her for longer school hours, you need to go away separating for a whole day. Leave her with a caring adult and see. Repeat this if required. Seems only way.
Good luck.