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My daughter for a year now has been having pain in her back

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My daughter for a year now has been having pain in her back and sides, she has had several urine infections but this is stil ongoing 9 months later. She is off school today because the pain in this area hurts. She had a kidney ultrasound and said that was ok by the looks. She has an appointment on the 14th to see what to do next.
She was on antibiotics for 2 months
She is 7 years old
No other health problems

The pain in the back and sides, with a history of several urinary tract infections, warrants to look for cysto-ureteric reflux.

This is the reflux of urine from the bladder to the ureter (the tube which joins the kidney to the bladder).

This can be done by the voiding cystourethrogram.

She needs to consult a urologist.

Also if an x-ray of the back has not been done need to be advised to rule out congenital abnormalities of the spine.

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi my daughter was seen today by a consultant. They are concerned about her lower spine and want to do xrays and scans. She has night sweats and has trouble weeing. What investigations or diagnoses are they looking at? They didn't want to say in front of my daughter and said they will ring tomorrow but I can't wait until then. What could the possibilities be of lower spine pain

The congenital abnormality of the spine like spina bifida is one of the commonest and can cause all of her symptoms.

The other possibility is tethering of the cord due to some chronic infection or pressure due to blood vessels (termed hemangioma).

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