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Dr.Sumanth, Doctor (MD)
Category: Paediatrics
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Experience:  Consultant Pediatrician at Kanchi Kamakoti CHILDS Trust Hospital
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Please could you tell me what these symptoms might imply in

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Please could you tell me what these symptoms might imply in a normally very alert, active 6 month old baby?
This happened to our grandson.Symptoms
Contact start 16:00, briefly returned at 16:10
crying, but “settled” weirdly quickly
staff took him back, eyes red-rimmed and vacantDuring contact, staff notes
no sound, no crying
very little movement
sitting with back supported
occasional cough
staff notes: could he have been “given something to calm him”Returned 17:00
no expression/emotion
no crying, no smiling, no noise
not registering me as mother
head droopy
appeared “zombie-like”
unable to lift limbsIn car-park, 17:05
water running from left nostril
head swaying
unable to cry
tries to cry, strains but only makes single “k” sound
not holding eye contact
pupils very contracted
still not registering me as mother
not interested in feed
vacant/dazed lookin car, 17:20
still zombie-like
head swaying
pupils still contracted
still not register mother
still unable to cryHome, roughly 18:30
unable to cry, strains but only makes single “k” sound
head swaying
limp, droopy
vacant, no emotion
still no eye contact
pupils still contracted inside house
uninterested in feed
does not register home
does not register mother
does not register grandmother20:30
pupils still contracted in very low lighting
straining to cry, upper body seems tense and this time he erupts into repeated roaring sound (appears like a rage, not normal crying), includes beating with arms21:30
roaring episode repeated
still no crying
still not “normal”
pupils still contracted22:30, in bed
very low lighting, pupils still small
another episode of roaring
still not registering me as mother
not nuzzling/cuddling
no crying07:30 am
still not normal
pupils still small
still seems a distant
getting back to normal
appears to recognise me
responding to things again
pupils still on small side, but larger than last night13:30
another episode of roaring, but this time includes different vocal sounds
accompanied by a very cold wet sweatShortly after this
back to normal
responsive, alert, etc

Hi...Welcome to Just Answer. I am Dr. Sumanth Amperayani and I am here to help you today. I have 14 years of experience in the field of Pediatrics at a tertiary care referral hospital. I will do my level best to alleviate your health concern. I am currently reviewing your question. I will be back in a moment to guide you further.

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I appreciate you giving me a very detailed description of all the events chronologically.Thank you for that.From the symptom analysis and the description I feel that the possibilities are -1. Probable drug overdose with anticholinergic activity.
2. Complex partial seizures.May I suggest you discuss these possibilities with his pediatrician and get him appropriately evaluated and managed please.I sincerely ***** ***** I have helped you, and that I have earned my 5 star rating today! Please remember to rate my service by selecting the 5 stars at the top of the screen (this is the only way we professionals get credited for our time and professional effort). We can continue here until you are satisfied, simply use the reply box and let me know.
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Kind regards ***** ***** Sumanth Amperayani
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you. This incident happened nearly a year ago and Bobby is now 18 months old. He is apparently thriving and has shown none of these symptoms before or since the date of this incident. Please could you explain what anticholinergic activity is?
A type of chemical reaction which some drugs induce and also some herbs which will make the pupils pinpoint.
There can be increased heart rate and decreased sweating.May I request for a 5 - star positive rating so that I can get my professional credit please!
Dr.Sumanth and other Paediatrics Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
definitely! Thank you very much for your help.

I am happy that my interaction was helpful for you and put your mind at ease. In future you can opt me as your favorite medical expert so that you can ask me a question directly. I will be happy to help anytime.

Thank you for the bonus!

Kind regards ***** ***** Sumanth Amperayani