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spankyjr1, Journeyman
Category: Personal Injury Law
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Experience:  Journeyman TechnicianWorked on small to large engines for 30 yearsGas,LP,Diesel
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Personal Injury Law
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I have a jcb js130 will not start normally off the key you

half to turn the ignition... Show More
half to turn the ignition on then go and manually engage the fuel cut off solenoid I think jcb call it the stop motor it will stay in place if you engage it by hand then crank the engine by key and it starts fine turn the key off and it disengages fine but will not engage off the key it is a js130 year 2007
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Hi John, my name is XXXXX XXXXX having trouble today.I will do my best to assist you in resolving your issue.

That means the coil is weak that is inside the stop motor and won't release by itself.
When you manually move it the stop motor stays in place so it is getting power.

Replace stop motor.


Customer reply replied 4 years ago.
Hi spanky thanks for your reply I have fitted a new stop motor and it is the same as the old one have to engage by hand to start the engine
Hi John.

Let me review this and see what else I can come up with.

I was busy looking for something else sorry for delay.
Okay John.

There are 3 wires going to solenoid

1=is ground
1=is ignition power
1=is crank power

Your missing crank power.

The way the solenoid works is it has two coils inside,,,,, one called the pull,,,,, and one called the hold,,,,,,,,, so your missing the pull,,,,,,,,,, that comes from the starter solenoid to pull in during cranking,,,,,,,,, once it starts the ignition power holds it in run position..

You can test with a test light to verify.

Once you figure out which wire is ground and which wire is ignition power you know the other wire is the one from start circuit.

Then trace that wire and find where your loosing power.

Now what you can do is take a wire from starter start wire and run directly to that wire for testing.You don't want power there all the time or it will burn out the pull coil in new solenoid.

Please make sure you rate my help or I don't get credit for my time.
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Customer reply replied 4 years ago.
Hi spanky thar is a wire coming from the starter solenoid with a fuse in it it looks like some one has fitted it and spliced it in to the original feed but the fuse has blown and if I fit a new one it blows again strait away thar must have been a break in the wire before I got the digger and some one has pout the feed from the starter solinoed to fix it and I think it must be earthing now at the original wire break and that's how it is blowing the fuse of the feed that has bean fitted previously now I now how it is wired now and how it works it is just a mater of finding the brake in the wire of the original feed from the starter thanks for your help I think I should be able to sort it out now cheers
I agree John it has to be a direct short.

Just make sure it's not the new solenoid by disconnecting solenoid while testing,,,,, just to be safe and not burn out new solenoid.

Take care

Thank you for excellent rating John very much appreciated.

Take care