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I have an 08 Peupeot 207SW and a warning light has come on,

Customer Question

I have an 08 Peupeot 207SW and a warning light has come on, for faullty anti polution. I limped home 7 miles with stalling on downhill bends and loss of steering. Will this be expensive? Peugeot dealer or local usual garage? Thank you
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Peugeot
Expert:  Robert replied 5 years ago.



Hopefully i can help...


The Antipollution system "fault" can cover quite a wide varied area of possible faults so in theory it would be quite difficult at this stage to actually know or price for sure what the problem is your having and what step you need to take ....the usual more common causes with diesels bar a the possibility of petrol been put in by mistake - is either due the particulate DPF Filter is at fault either blocked up with soot particles "no doubt needing force regenerated if the car can't or is now unable do it itself " can happen allot with lower mileage cars or the system needs serviced / the eloys fluid system problem or needing topped up again serviced / fuel filler cap faulty /wiring / or fueling pressure issue /intake system, exhaust gas recirculation valve faulty/blocked up with soot....Trying a new fuel filter might help aswell - also too try driving the car at 60-70mph in 4th gear - for 10-20 miles roughly.This helps gets the anti pollution system or dpf filter upto temp / hot - to help burn off any soot build up in the filter also maybe add a diesel injector cleaner.might be worth a try and see if the light goes out after doing so,but obviously this isnt suitable for your be it the car stalling.. if thats that case based on that. It would most definitely need to be hooked upto a suitable diagnostic machine to interrogate the ECU and determine what and where the actual fault is and check to make sure the fualt isn't elsewhere rather than above - Only then can you investigate further based on the results "fault codes" that it actually highlights or shows up to efficiently diagnose the cause for warning - very often this will only be the way forward in such cases with these warning messages - so the best option in this case would be to have the car diagnosed first or plugged in - which im sure the Dealer will do anyway be it with peugeot planet or if preferred either any good local garage/or mobile diagnostic technician with the equipment that deal with these cars which you would need to ask before hand if their machine is capable and then take it from there based on whats found during the test.I do hope this helps..