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Mark, Peugeot Certified Technician
Category: Peugeot
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Experience:  Fully qualified technician and MOT tester.
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I have a 206cc and the key code has been wiped how do I stop

Customer Question

I have a 206cc and the key code has been wiped how do I stop the alarm and immobiliser ? I have spoke to Peugeot who have told me I have to take in the log book and order a key then wait for delivery and then have it reprogrammed. I bought the car with one key on Wednesday so could be waiting 5 weeks for the log book while the car is sat in the garage. The key itself has the close button working but the open button does not work so i have changed the key case and pressed the lock button but then tried to open it. It didn't work so used the key in the lock....great I get in the car the alarm goes off and when key in ignition it states engine immobilised 

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Peugeot
Expert:  Mark replied 4 years ago.

markthebooler :

You do have one other option.

markthebooler :

That is to order a complete new key set, change all the locks and have the system reprogrammed to accept the new keys

markthebooler :

This will be much faster than what you have been quoted for but will also be more expensive.

markthebooler :

You have the choice.

JACUSTOMER-9antfik0- : I will still need to wait five weeks for the log book to order the keys so that doesn't help
markthebooler :

You wont need the log book if you buy a new lock set.