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Nathan B
Nathan B, Mechanic
Category: Peugeot
Satisfied Customers: 4
Experience:  20+ years experience working on a wide range of vehicles both as an employee and also running my own garage
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Hi I have just caught the nearside wing mirror on my Peugeot

Customer Question

Hi I have just caught the nearside wing mirror on my Peugeot Boxer based Motorhome. Registration GX62 CHJ (2013 model). The unit has long arms. The only damage is on the lower part of the casing where a hole has been punched through. I have recovered some of the bits and have temporarily taped into position. I have looked at replacing and can see two star bolts but suspect that there are more under the concertina blind housing which is fitted over the window. Please could you confirm how to remove the wing mirror and replace.
Alternatively I have considered buying covers which I believe can be fitted over the wing mirrors which will cover the damage and add further protection.
What are your thoughts, I would be grateful.
Apart from the hole in the casing the mirror works fine with electric adjusters etc.

Best Regards
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Peugeot