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Mark, Peugeot Certified Technician
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Experience:  Fully qualified technician and MOT tester.
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I purchased a timing kit from ebay but having a problem

Customer Question

I have a 2004 Peugeot 307sw 2.0L Petrol Automatic.

I have lost the timing and have purchased a timing kit from ebay but having a problem locating the tool in the flywheel. I have tool 0189-C but I think I may need 0189-R or will the same tool do the job?

I have attached some pics i.e. the tool which appears to be the only one in the kit that fits the aperture in the gearbox casing, also the flywheel viewed through the starter motor aperture showing a semi circular notch which I think the tool should locate in when adjacent to the tool aperture, also a pic of the notch in the tool aperture.

Are you able to confirm: a) If the tool that I have is the correct one b) Is the semi circular notch the correct entry point for the tool c) The notch in the tool housing appears to be off centre, but maybe because of the angle I am looking at it from. Can you please advise

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Peugeot
Expert:  Mark replied 4 years ago.

Mark :

That looks like the right tool but I think you may have the flywheel 108 deg out. The notch is one half of the locating hole with the other half cut into the flywheel so that when you insert the tool it locks the crank.

JACUSTOMER-ooxni4iw- :

Thanks Mark

JACUSTOMER-ooxni4iw- :

Pretty sure I have the flywheel in position when attempting to insert the tool. Not sure if the tool I am supposed to be using is the one pictured, or if they are both the same. Could you please advise?

JACUSTOMER-ooxni4iw- :

Full Size Image

Mark :

The tool is the same for both applications. It is only the depth of insertion that is different.

Mark :

I also meant 180 deg not 108 deg.