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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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My 207sw is showing abs and power steering fault, and speedo

has stopped working. any clues?
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Hopefully i can help..


You are correct in that the ABS system will monitor wheel speed via the abs turn this will send the info back to the bsi/ecu/instrument panel calculate speed/mileage/trip etc..I can "really" see the rear caliper replacement being the issue here as its mainly hydraulic although still in control from the abs system hydraulically..The reason that all 3 of these have come up is becuase alot of info is retrived from the ABS system/module for all these to work as above- if the abs module/control unit fails then obviously these wont get the info from it and thus shut down..The only cost effective way to actually find out exactly what gone wrong is to have the system scanned to see exactly whats faults you have..wether it be sensor failure/the actual abs control module unit itself or a coumuncation fault betwen that and the bsi/ecu as per wiring would be worth at least checking most if not all the related fuses inc one for the power steering..aswell as check for any possible water/moisture ingress faults with the large plug connectors to the abs unit aswell as the bsi/ecu too..aslo a quick test of the charging system and battery condition too..So as above ideally the next step has to be diagnostically which all garage will perform anyway first when they get the car in to get any further forward im afraid on problems such as these..I do hope this helps