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Can 3008 electronic parking be adjusted so it is not so hard

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Can 3008 electronic parking be adjusted so it is not so hard to push off pergeot

Mark :

Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try help you with this.

Mark :

What you have been told is correct about being unable to adjust the electronic brake.

Mark :

Do you think it has been sticking?

Customer: Yes as it Stalls when trying to set off so you have to give more revs to get the brake off I think this has damaged the clutch I reported it on service they said the same as you but now denie I ever mentioned it they arsked my permission to take the gearbox out as I may have to pay on a three year put in fuel only and they if is my fault I will need to pay I do not ride the clutch put it in neutral at lights etc as I know the thrust bearing is packed fo life as is working when the cluth
Customer: Clutch is used I have driving 50 and never had a clutch replaced if they try to charge what's my best thing to do
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Has the clutch been slipping or has it now lost all drive?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
First noticed on speed control af you put more speed on it would speed up for a second or two then over rev and the speed control would come off . To get home I had to be very gental with the throttle and geared as it would over rev. Philip

It does sound like it is slipping.


This is going to be difficult to prove it wasn't your fault or style of driving that caused it.

What you can do is ask to inspect the parts when they are reomoved. If the drive plate is worn then that is probably your fault they will say. If the drive plate is servicable then the pressure plate is likely to be the cause. This would then be a mechanical failure and so should be covered under warranty. The other thing to look for is contamination of the drive plate. If oil has got onto it then again this is mechanical failure and should be covered.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Since being In touch with you on the internet the problem has been reported on other 3008cars so I will E mail there complaints to the garage as this is not a one off and thi was on a brand new Avis hire car. Thank you for you help Philip

I thought you said car was 18 months and with 30,000 miles on it?


Make sure also you are not getting mixed up with clutch/flywheel problems on diesel cars due to the dual mass flywheel.