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Mark, Peugeot Certified Technician
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my 09 407 had an sudden unintended acceleration manage to flip

Customer Question

my 09 407 had an sudden unintended acceleration manage to flip it into neutral an handbrake turn it 180 to avoid colliding with traffic on a round about,done some damage to rear d/s sus and wheel colliding with curb .my mech (not Peugeot dealer) comp diagnostic read accelerator sensor failure ,concerned about why there was no redundant backup to this failure or have u seen this before tks.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Peugeot
Expert:  Mark replied 4 years ago.

Mark :

Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try help you with this.

Mark :

This is more likely to be caused by excess fuel getting into the engine sump and increasing the engine oil level. This then leads to the engine over revving and being difficult to switch off. You usually have to stall the engine by keeping it in gear and pressing the brake. Dipping the clutch and taking it out of gear usually causes more damage to the engine.

JACUSTOMER-sjzekqmo- :

no this came up as an accelerator sensor fault and there should be a failsafe on something critical like this thankfully I was able to stop the car by getting it out of gear my mrs and kids who use this car mostly I fear would have not been able to stop this.the acceleration was rapid and uniform I initially thought I had pressed the acc instead of brake but when I applied brake car swerved into apposing traffic had to steer back into my own lane clutch neutral then handbrake 180 to avoid going into traffic on round about. the last thing on my mind was engine damage I,m convinced this was not over revving .