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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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Robert is online now daughter just bought a 207 and been told the floor

This answer was rated: daughter just bought a 207 and been told the floor pan (?) needs replacing/repairing as previous job was botched. Is this really expensive ?



Hopefully i can help.


What year is this car?


How do you mean botched? has the vehicle been in an accident do you know?


Where was the car purchased from? dealer or private sale?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi, it a 2007 car. She bought it from a garage ,had v low mileage. Local garage said its probably been in big crash but the search only showed cat d.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Ok..Usually any damage to floor pan area "dependant on the severity of the damage" its hard to say without seeing it,can risk the the integrity of the body - as such would suggest a larger impact than previously thought,,If its small area then it might be possible to repair,if its very large area then this could prove extremely expensive as you can just buy that floor pan on its own that im aware of on these - the floor pan is the complete lower under body,crush zones and maintaines and or part of the whole body structure - With an Cat D being the least severe - there is no guarantee you would avoid chassis/or under floor structural damage.again depends on the point of impact..thats why with any car listed as Cat D its should properly inspected before commiting to buy and repairs have been carried out correctly...As per price,i can honestly give an exact price on that im afraid without seeing the extent of the area not going to be cheap im sure your local garage may have mentioned that,the only advice i can suggest would be to have the car inspected by a reputable body shop,accident repair centre to give a proper assesment on the damage and costing you'll be faced...I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else then just continue before you rate..

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Could you give me a worst and best case scenario figures..not holding you to it but really have no idea and be helpful for 2 reasons a ) so she doesn't get ripped off again or b) as she literally just bought it there's an outside chance we can get the garage to take it back if we at least sound like we know what we are talking about ! She has pictures on her phone but I'm on an iPad and can't think of a way to send them to you.
Will follow your advice though. There are some bad buggers out there :(

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Well without seeing the extent of the damage or the area in question..As a ball park if a very small area you could be looking around £500approx worst case senario you maybe in the few thousand plus if its a very large area and that doesnt inc anything further thats been overlooked in regards XXXXX XXXXX issues/door alignment/ or posible water ingress problems down the line..its really the bodge work that can often make the job or repair alot harder or have to repair a larger area due to that and obviously this increases the costing..Thats way the best advice i can really give you is to have the car properly checked by an accident repair centres/bodyshops as they will/may do insurance jobs and know exactly what you'll face and maybe too investigate wither the car should of been in that category..that would certainly give some leverage especially over the repair work that beens done i would say against the sales garage under sales of goods act.something i would take up with local trade and standards if you like as such..we do have law section on this site,your more than welcome to ask a question in there at somepoint as i cant really go into the legal side of things..But as i say its really one of these things that needs a proper assesement done visual as such or the whole vehicle id say..But i do agree its a shame there are still a minority of sales garages out there willing to decive people...I do hope this helps a little further

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok thank last question ..if it is as bad as it sounds..would this be picked up on an MOT ? It's was MOT 'd by Halfords a couple of weeks ago.
Thanks for all your help, will give you a give rating after this last one.



Although the underside of the vehicle/sills etc are checked as part of the mot for excessive corrosion or damage in specific long as the vehicle is still roadworthy as far the tester can see it will pass an mot..

Robert and other Peugeot Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Many have been really helpful
No problem..many thanks for the rating..much appreciated..if ever need to ask anything else then you can still continue on this question even after you have of luck Robert