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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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Hi I got a leak under my dashboard think its teh heatermatrix

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Hi I got a leak under my dashboard think its teh heatermatrix as there is a oily substance in the passanger front flooring? Where would be the best place to get it looked at and how much would I expect to pay?? Just has a so called friend botch up my electrics and engine is making a noise after a clutch change to all of which has cost me £500!!! Help!



Hopefully i can help..


What model / year / engine size of Peugeot do you have exactly?


Does this oily substance you see have any strong smell or colour to it at all..and are you still loosing coolant etc?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I havent noticed to much coolant going down but I only got the car back today and just drove back from Feltham to Camden, it seemed the same, The K Seal was put in about an hour before that trip.


The car is 2004 307 CC 2.0


Theres no colour and no smell just a greasy film of water seeping up through the mat I pulled the carpet up and seems to be slowly seeping from the gear box, across the foot of the front passanger seat to the door. No drips or leaks anywhere else.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Ok..I asume you mean the Gearstick centre console? Usually with any leak as such from the matrix would cause wet floor around the would also cause the level to drop somewhat within the expansion tank..but however if you had put in that Kseal it may well have plugged the leak hence why you havent noticed the drop in level..there is also if fitted with Air-con the condenser maybe blocked or the outlet drain pipe maybe blocked this can often cause a back up of condensed water which should drain out under the car to maybe leak into the that would certainly be something to look at or have checked out anyway..

another fault could be the windscreen seal or blocked sctullte drain that the area under you wiper and the panel grille over the top..If small leaves/dirt builds up inthere can block the drains..again can cause water to to come into the car..also maybe have inpsection of the pollen filter too and ensure that isnt wet..As per the heater matrix its is really a case of stripping out the glovebox section to get a look in there and feel if water/coolant is seeping from the feed and retrun pipes or the from the core itself within the heater box..or artifically pressurize the coolant system via the expansion tank using a pressure tester to force the leak to appear..Hoever its hard to say what sort of costing you be faced with to be honest with the faults like this..the best advice is to find a reptuable garage if you dont want to go making further checks yourself to track the possible leak down maybe try this site ..also check other fluids such as brake fluid too just to be sure...I do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate
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