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(I have an 8 yr old 307 90,000 miles on clock) Ive just had

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(I have an 8 yr old 307 90,000 miles on clock) I've just had 2 bottles of diesel additive put in my car to help the blockage in my fuel filter, the display indicates "additive is low£ (this still shows). The garage (not a peugeot garage) suggested I take the car on the motorway and try to burn off the blockage by driving at high revs (70mph in 4th gear) for about 20 mins. Is this good advice? Unfortunately I can't afford to change the filter and the car is stuttering in low gear driving. Help Please! Thank you. XXXXX (Hackney London )



Hopefully i can help..


Firstly a fuel additive wouldnt help unblock a fuel filter..if a fuel filter is blocked then it has to be replaced..In regards XXXXX XXXXX additive low warning - Thats your eloys fluid system this is a special fluid in a seperate holding tank near the main fuel tank..each time you come to fill up with fuel a small amount of that is injected into the tank..this helps keeps the soot level down and helps the DPF diesel particulate filter from blocking up..this fluid will eventually run out hence the warning and needs to be refilled back up manually at the can this fluid from peugeot in kit - after thats done - reset the additive counters aswell as the DPF cleared/force regenerated using proper diagnostic equipment ..if the DPF is too far blocked up it can either be removed and cleaned out or replaced is usually the the only route..driving it in the condition you refering too stuttering it wouldnt be advisable - you could of course try a new fuel filter and see if that solves the stuttering issue and then try the hard driving method..but as above that warning is for the eloys fluid system if thats starts to become low or runs out then the DPF will eventually become clogged up and will need replaced.In all honesty try this site for any local garages that maybe able to help you further .I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate

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