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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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my 208 is pulling to the right hand side i have taken it back

Customer Question

my 208 is pulling to the right hand side i have taken it back to were i bought it they say it's hit the kerb and the wishbone could be damaged??? how far will i have to go to rectifie this problem! also the steering wheel is offset to the right any ideas please many thanks Dean
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Peugeot
Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


If its pulling to right then you either have suspension issue as described either.worn balljoints / track rod ends / inner tie rod / lower arm,wishbone damage or bushings worn / brake caliper on that side binding or partically braking ie:- not releasing.or possible bearing issue.all that has to be checked first.aswell as the possibility of previous accident bear in mind.if there is any damage, excess wear on suspension parts on the front then doing a full 4 wheel laser alignment would be waste of money and time and would never solve the problem as you found with the steering off centre.. nor changing tyres either..You have to have the suspension on that side / both sides checked and compared to see exactly what damage and excess movement there is,if they are just guessing as to whats at fault then I would advise you seek a second visual opinion to check this over...I do hope this helps