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I have a peugeot boxer 2008 2.2 litre engine, when I pull up

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I have a peugeot boxer 2008 2.2 litre engine, when I pull up at a junction it will just cut out on me but start first time after when I turn the key straightaway. Sometimes if I put my foot down the engine management light comes on and it sounds like I have got a restriction in my exhaust. If I leave the van when the engine light is on for a couple of hours to cool down it goes off and it's ok for a few days



Hopefully i can help..


Before anything like the Injection pump.injectors are removed at would be a good idea to find out "exactly" what fault codes your getting when the EML crops up..wither that be a scanning the ecu or scanning whilts driving..the engine light comes on then you should have the faults work with first..have you checked all the intake,intercooler circuit pipes,air filter restrictions / fuel system checked for leakages,chaffed fuel lines maybe causing air ingress / has the fuel filter been replaced / has the EGR valve been checked removed and cleaned out..could be sticking and causing the cutting out issue when coming to junction etc...but first id strongly suggest getting the ecu scanned first see what codes you have and take it from there..removing and sending off the injection pump/injectors without proper testing is an expensive gamble and being an HDI then these need to be tested on proper puegoet planet diagnostics to see what the pressure readings are..I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
It has been on diagnostic machine stationary and driven down the road but no codes come up. It was moted a month ago and failed on the emissions, the mechanic took it for a drive and blew a load of black smoke out then it passed. Since then it has been fine for about 3 weeks now it's playing up again. This has been a problem for a few years yet it plays up for about a month then goes fine for about 6 months

Hi..thanks for your reply..


If its an intermitent problem then i cant honestly see if being fuel system far as the injection pump.injectors goes..usually with any fuel system related fault which usually flags up fault codes.pressure for example the fuel filter is usually one of the best thing to change "first" has to be genuine prob check the EGR valve first..maybe have it removed and cleaned out..if they get fouled up with alot of soot.carbon internally the valve can tend to stick in the open/closed and cause similar issues..a crank speed sensor "could" cause similar but as a starting point anyway i would maybe try the egr check and is operation and clean

If the engine light comes on and their machine can detect it or interogate to see what codes it is then their machine isnt capable of diagnosing which in turn means you need to find somebody who has a machine that can..I do hope this helps
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