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Nathan B
Nathan B, Mechanic
Category: Peugeot
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Experience:  20+ years experience working on a wide range of vehicles both as an employee and also running my own garage
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what is the cause of peugeot 206 no power /low combustion the

Customer Question

what is the cause of peugeot 206 no power /low combustion the engine is shaking,i have changed the spark plug,cleaned the throttle but is still the same.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Peugeot
Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


You say you replaced a have you narrowed the missfire down to certain cylinder,what fault code did you aquire? or have you replaced "all" 4 plugs?


What make of ignition coil does it have?


What engine size?


Any warning lights on the dash? any tell tail smoke from the tail pipe?


Has this been a sudden issue or one thats got progressively worse?