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sean, Car and LCV technician
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Hello, I have a 309 1.3 89 plate Style. Whilst doing some routine

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Hello, I have a 309 1.3 89 plate Style. Whilst doing some routine maintenance recently I noticed the HT leads needed replacing as some were no longer directly connected. During this process it became apparent that more than one lead was no longer connected to the distributor cap. I can not get them back on in the correct order to start the car. Some simple advice in laymans terms would be appreciated ie First cylinder on left hand side as you look at the engine is connected top right port on distributor cap etc. etc. Many thanks. Regards

Hello, below is the information you require.


The large arrow points to the front of the car, the other arrow shows the distributor direction of rotation and the marked HT connection is number 1 cylinder. The firing order is 1, 3, 4, 2.

Best wishes,


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