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Hi Guy,s I have a Peugeot 407sw 56 plate. The problem I have

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Hi Guy,s I have a Peugeot 407sw 56 plate. The problem I have is the ABS warning light that keeps coming on but brakes seem to work fine. Is this a common fault and can it fixed D.I.Y. Presume that its a faulty censor. Cheers Colin


Hopefully i can help..

ABS sensors are at hubs,once the wheels removed then you see a small wire lead.follow that to the sensor held with a single torx screw..when the abs detects a fault or communication problem from one of the sensors/target rings it generally reverts to non abs..hence why you dont feel much differance in braking..the target ring for the front are part of the wheel bearing assembly..but usually the most common fault is one of the sensors or one of the sensors are fouled with once you can get int the back spray some "brake cleaner" down where the driveshaft enters to the wheel bearing just inline with the sensor and see if that helps.if you have to remove the sensor be aware that the torx bit you use is the correct size and plenty of wd-40 around the screw before removal as they tend to get stuck on the hub over time..but i would suggest or best advice would be to see what faults codes you've got stored as this will tell you which side is at fault aswell as check or ensure the problem isnt with the ABS module as above that about the best way forward on this one..I do hope this helps

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