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I have a 307 1.6 hdi SE Sw. Driving home last night the gearbox

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I have a 307 1.6 hdi SE Sw. Driving home last night the gearbox sort of locked in the gear it was in, almost as if the clutch had gone. I limped home the turned the car off. I restarted it after a couple of seconds all seemed fine. I sat on the drive selected all the gears numerous times with no problems. However when I drove it again after about 50 yards as I changed into 2nd it went again. Could it be a sensor problem or something worse?


Hopefully i can help..

Is it just this specific gear 2nd it jams or does it do it in others?

Any unusual noises from that gear etc that you can tell?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No, it locked in 3rd yesterday. You can pull it out with some effort but when you switch off then restar all seems ok until you rive off again.

Hi..there thanks for your responce..


Id probably start off with the basic checks before condeming the gearbox/clutch...firstly it would be worth at least inspecting the gearselectors from the the gearstick over to the particular at the gearbox end as thats where most of the wear/seizure problems occur so certainly check that..i see you say you have inspected for leaks but this could still be a problem bya way of weak master/slave cylinder even though its seems to work ok as far your concerned it might not be clearing the clutch friction plate properly "not be disengaging the clutch plates properly causing drag" and thus it jams in gears..of course you will be able to select gears ok with engine off at idle as the engine isnt turning the gearbox internally..i would maybe try a full re-bleed on that clutch hydraulic system/get the old fluid out and new fluid in and see if that makes any form of per there are no sensors on a manual gearbox to efffect as above maybe give the rebleed a try and se if that helps..before moving onto anything else..I do hope this helps..if you need to aska anything else or include anything further then please continue before you rate
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