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oil light stays on and say low pressure in engine mechanic

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oil light stays on and say low pressure in engine mechanic said that it could be oil pump in engine or worse or sump has blockage but if rev, up light goes out . can you help its done 1110 miles


Hopefully i can help..

Low oil pressure can be serious problem - many things from Oil quality to a faulty oil filter - blocked oil pick up screen - failing or weak oil pump - to the worst case senario the engine itself mechanically can be associated with low oil pressure - If they've carried out a proper oil pressure test and replaced the switch and its coming back as low / and too the oil light goes out when revved up certainly sounds like the Oil Pump is weak or worn..but they should always rule out what condition the oil and oil filter is like..once the oil is out they can drop the sump and check the pick up screen..if its clear then your most likely looking at an oil pump issue..I do hope this helps

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

is it worth me first trying oil filter and then changing oil and flushing out with engine cleaner first . been old to take engine and sump of its onna cost about 6oo pounds and to be honest wondering if its worth it and what agreat service site i will tell others about u and how much u give sound advice


You could try a full oil and filter change harm in doing so and see if that helps..normally a garage would check the condition first before condeming anything else.. As per Engine cleaners..sometimes some of these cleaners can cause worse problems..they can wash away the lubrication built up over time around the bearings and you might not get it all out before adding your proper oil etc..If it had a geed service history oil and filters and there isnt any signs of sludge formation then flush wouldnt really do much..the point really is to get the sump off and see whats what in there as regards ***** ***** pick up..but like i say if its had a good oil/filter change history then that should be an issue.blockages...It totally your choice what route intend to take with this car,if you feel a flush would help then i would recommend forte brand of engine flush...But as you say in the other question its a high mileage, and maybe time to start looking around for something else and spend the money you would use for repair on a something else..but maybe try the oil and filter change / flush before adding the new stuff and filter if prefered..and see if that helps...if not then decide whether it worth going any further with it..I do hope this helps