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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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Hi there, I have had an oil leak for some time in my 2007

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Hi there,
I have had an oil leak for some time in my 2007 Berlingo van, neither Halfords or Citroen dealership have been able to fix it!
First of all, what oil should I use to keep topping it up? Secondly how do I find a reliable mechanic in the NW, I live in Lowton, Warrington, who I can trust to once and all fix the problem?


Hopefully i can help..

What engine do you have exactly in the van?

Do you know roughly which side of the engine this seems come from or the area as far as you can see?

How big is this leak?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The Berlingo is 600LX 1.6L engine. If I leave the van overnight, I might get a few drops. The guys at Citroen fixed it for a while, about a year ago.

They said a nut needed tightening? However when I went to France, the leak came back with a vengeance!

Again it had slowed down but I went up to Mull in Scotland, I'm an artist, so each time I go on a long run, it gets worse, then seems to settle down a little?


Hi..there thanks for your responce..

Ok as per oil type 5w/30 should be fine - in regards ***** ***** leak..first of all its finding out exactly what bolt they are refering too would help alot to figure out where this leak could be coming do say they tightened it up and the leak increased..thats the area to be checking first.that ideally is what you need to find out to be able to progress further..and see what this bolt holds. if it say the oil filter housing as "an example" then steps need to be taken to see if that housing is cracked - aswell as to they must ensure the oil filter is correctly fitted and isnt leaking..add to that an inspection of the sump plug and an inspection of the sump itself and the gasket - there is so may places oil can leak its very hard to say over the net what you need to check here...when ever i come across an oil leak need to see what side exactly the leak forms..its really a case of cleaning up as much of the effected area the leaks passed or built up to be able to trace it back..there is test kit out there you can use too in regards ***** ***** UV Dye & UV Torch /UV glasses - Leak Detection Kit the dye is added to the oil and thus the uv dye will leak out where the leak is on the engine.using the uv torch/glasses they will or should have a better understanding where the leaks is coming form by tracing the uv dye trace back to where the uv/oil is leaking certainly mention that if they have the equipement to do that..but like i say above oil leaks are never easy to trace...Unfortunalty we can really recommend a specific garage but the best advise we can give is to try this site here and you should be able to find a garage under that scheme who maybe able to help you further in regards ***** ***** and hopefully rectify..I do hope this helps..if you require to ask anything further then please do so before you rate

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your help. I have booked my van into a garage I found through your suggestion, good garage scheme, so I will see if they can fix it?

Cheers, Paul.

Hi..there Paul -- many thanks for your reply..

Glad you managed to find somebody through that website - like i say who ever you got to this must spend a bit of time clearing the effected area as best they can to be able to get to the route cause and trace it down - mention that bolt issue to them aswell as maybe try the UV dye method if the leaks is quite difficult to trace..but either way let me know how you get one anyway and should you need to ask anything further then please do so..Also please dont forget to rate my assistance above..most appreciated..Regards Robert

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