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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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the black plastic film on the surface behind the window on

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the black plastic film on the surface behind the window on the driver's door on my peugeot 206sw has bubbled up and come partially free. What is the best way to reaffix it?


Just confirm - Is the black strip from top to bottom on the B-pillar on that door?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the whole strip is 470mm long and runs down behind the driver's side window. The part that has detached is the top right hand corner of the strip which originally tucked under the rubber door seal. The detached area is a triangular flap roughly 90mm along the top and 60mm on the other 2 sides.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

Ok..i think i know which section of speak off - this bit here in the picture..

If so and its come away at the top,Its not really a common sure these are just adhesive vinyl strips - in fact you should be able to get the complete section from peugoet anyway should you need to replace the whole thing..if its come away from the top..then the cheapest cost effective option would be to consider gluing it back in place.if you dont want to replace it all..there are lots of glues out there that could do that but for quick drying using a minimul amount i say try the Loctite super glue and it shouldnt get effected from outside elements and want to just lift the area that come away clean the surface as best you can under it..then in tiny spots add the glue and then press and hold the strip there until its dry..Thats probably about the best thing you can do here.. I do hope this helps...if you require to ask anything further or include anything else then please continue before you rate

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have another problem with the car. The retractable cover protecting the contents in the rear of the car has partially pulled away from the plastic spring loaded reel housing. Is this repairable?


There inst really any "repair kits" if you like to repair those - normally you have to get the end caps off to access the reel/spring loaded mechanisim to see what can be done..i obviously cant see it - so cant make judgement wether it can or not be repaired.. they arent hard to find second hand so to speak anyway - maybe have look on ebay etc under " 206 sw parcel shelf " - or you could ask in a local breakers yard if they have any cars like yours in there for breaking and maybe take the pull out parcel shelf from one of them/provided its the same colour as the one you have..I do hope this helps

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