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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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White smoke I believe it is engine oil because level is going

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White smoke I believe it is engine oil because level is going down.but at over 50mph on main road does not smoke at all.can you help


What Peugeot Model / Engine / Year is the car?

I note you say white smoke - is this dense smoke "have any smell to it that you can tell" or steam?

Does the engine missfire or overheat since this occured?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Diesel Peugot 307 hdi 53 plate 2litre definitely engine oil smell.engine does not overheat or misfire.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

Ok..Sounds like it possible your Turbo's going..this gets a feed a oil to keep it lubricated..normally turbo's go in all forms..but if a seal has gone inside the core of the turbo either on the compressor side or turbine side then this can cause alot of smoke out the back and will just keep sucking oil up through the feed line but very minmul back down the return unless thats blocked.but never the less... If the oil seal has gone on the compressor side this will cause like a blue smoke effect out the back as it burns with the diesel/air in the could also alow oil into the intercooler and air intake pipe certainly make checks there..If the oil seals gone on the turbine side driven by the exhaust gases so as to work the compressor side..then oil could be getting into the exhaust system/FAP filter and thus due to the heat in the exhasut system causing the white/dense grey smoke out the back thats one possible cause... From what your saying Id would certainly get checks done on the Turbo at least first anyway and see if there are any traces of oil in and around the intake/intercooler aswell as the exhaust system..being the 307 turbo's are too uncommon for going on these as above and from what you have said that would be the best place to start..I do hope this helps

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