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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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Hi, I have a peugeot 405 LXTD P REG (1996), recently when starting

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Hi, I have a peugeot 405 LXTD P REG (1996), recently when starting from cold in the morning I have a lot of smoke from the exhaust and it seems to run on 3 cylinders then after about 20 - 30 seconds the smoke clears and engine runs smoothly. on starting during the day no further issues - any advice as to cause
Many thanks


Hopefully i can help..

Id say considering its a LXTD diesel the best place to start would be the may actually have one out of the four thats not preheating or open circuit and thus you get the initial missfire for a short time.The garage needs to test them and see if all 4 are actually working or not and none of them have gone open circuit..Id say that would likely be the best place to start here if you say the engine start up ok during hot..or even consider having the 4 replaced anyway..I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for that, if it is a glow plug wouldn`t the smoke and uneven running occur all the time on starting but I only get the problem on initial 1st start



Hi..there sorry for not getting back to you..had internet fault crop up

Not normally bad glowplugs will only show up at start up not during normal engine running conditions - the glowplugs act as a preheat system to heat the cylinders before starting or to make starting easier,you notice that when your glowplug light comes on and then goes out after a certain amount of seconds "glowplug timer controls them" and then you can try starting the particular on older diesel such as yours the glowplugs would be relied on quite alot for cold starting - as apposed to a much newer diesel engine that doesnt unless the temperature is way below freezing - But like i say certainly start with them first checks wise - I do hope this helps further

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert, a couple of people have mentioned that it might be oil dripping through a seal over night causing the smoke and uneven running as once started the problem disappears after a short time.

Even in cold conditions the engine fires up immediately, once glow plug light has gone out, so if not glow plugs could it be a seal?




Only a Faulty Valve stem oil seal could cause engine oil to leak and pool inside the cylinder until of course you start it up and you get the blue smoke out the back but usually for short period of time..I wasnt aware you had Blue i initially thought..but never the less considering nobody has actually ruled the glowplugs out it might be worth having them checked..unfotunatly the stem seal will have to be cylinder head off job to reaplce normally you wouldnt just do the one you do all of save the same fault reoccuring again...You can get additives out there that you can add to the oil..Forté Seal Conditioner - i would say that changing the oil /filter and then add that to the oil and se if that helps..I do hope this helps further..

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