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Hello. My question is - my car show me a message " engine

Customer Question

My question is - my car show me a message " engine temperature fault stop vehicle "
after work I wnato go home ( my car was left in parking 12), I turn engine and I sow message and red light was flas on dashboard. The temperature on dashboard showed 360 even car was cold, I did check fluid to the radiator but is ok, the blower turn on strait away and is very noisy.
A week before that happen i did have slightly problem withen engine to start. It was looks like chocking but when I give more gas it was ok.
If you could tell me what could happen to my car I will be appreciated.
With regards
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Peugeot
Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.


Hopefully i can help

If the car was "actually" overheating then coolant in the tank would be boiling or rumbling or in some case will force it way out if it where headgasket problems usually caused by either a problem with the coolant system in regards ***** ***** failed thermostat/water pump.. By the sounds of your fault I don't think you have whats termed as "common overheating" issue as above - if the temp registers overheating as soon as the key is turned or basically on cold engine - there is chance this is more of an electrical fault ie:- temperature sender unit fault giving/sending out incorrect readings which in turns makes out the engine is overheating "which it isn't really" and thus kicks the fan in .they would need to test for that.Sometimes you can point a digital heat sensing gun at the engine cylinderhead and see if the temp reading on that matches what it currently saying on the dash or when plugged upto a diagnostic machine whicb i would advise being done..if the temp is incorrect then it most likely a temp sender issue as i highlighted above..which isnt too uncommon to see go faulty on alot of as above that would be the best thing to from here and have a garage checks the areas as above...I do hope this helps