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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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hey, my window wiper spray has stopped working... i have just

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hey, my window wiper spray has stopped working... i have just bought the car, was working fine then stopped, it might have been empty and then i refilled it, still not working, theres still water in the wiper wash container. its cold here, freezing sometimes, tho i refilled with warm water...
hope you can help...


Hopefully i can help..

Do you actually hear the pump running at all when you operate in the car?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

oh god i dunno...

im not sure what it would sound like...

does it make an electronic noise?


Normally you should hear it make a "humm noise" when the pump is working and sending fluid up the lines to the washer nozzles..try lifting the bonnet/listen around the washer fluid reservior area you filled it before..then get someone to operate the washers for you..if you dont hear any sound from the pump....then the next check is the fuses for it..if you have the owners guide it will tell you which fuses to regards ***** ***** fuse panels in the car or under the bonnet..and see if its blown..just pull it out and check the small strip inside/centre of the fuse hasnt burnt/broken..if it has then its just a case of replacing that fuse with the same rating as printed on the fuse or the same colour fuse..sometimes it can happen if the fluid in the tank make a check there next..the next check sadly will be to get at the pump itself and see if voltage is reaching the pump when the washer is operated in the need to get acess to the base of the reservior to get to the pump and the multiplug to test for voltage..if it getting a feed when tested either on a test lamp/multimeter then the pump is likely at fault and is a cheap straight forward job to replace for any garage if you cant replace it yourself..I do hope this helps

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